ATL Designer

Allows interactive design of the ATL models. Available options:



Allows selection of the Web server: local or remote (Internet). Service-location details for web-service access:

The button from status bar allows selection of SQL database server (MySQL, H2 or SQL Server). The button from toolbar allows setting of connection strings for local database and/or selection of the implicit Internet server.

In case of huge models, is recommended their compression before sending them to the Web Service.

The editing options of an ATL model are activated through a right-click contextual menu which allows a dynamically graphical development of the ATL models. In order to select an element of the model (node, arc), the mouse must be placed over it and then the desired action will be selected from the contextual menu.


ATL Designer

ATL model checker supports now H2 (in-memory) database and is provided through RESTful/SOAP Web Services!